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The ultra-thin aluminum portable cigar moisturizer has passed the strict testing standards of the European Union.
This product is specially designed for temporary cigar carrying out.It can hold 5 cigars, from 56 ring diameter to DC size.
The 56 ring dia
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Material: Aluminum and magnesium alloys Origin: Shanghai Specification: 220*130*32.8mm

3CM ultra-thin aluminum portable cigar moisturizer, for you!


Cigar lovers are the best expression of love for life in the world.

They are willing to wait a long time for a high-quality handmade shirt, and are particularly fussy about whether the exposure to a single malt scotch mug is just right.


But all the good behind, may hide a pain, all the love behind, may hide a helpless.They can only accept a zero-aesthetic cigar humidor, heavy as a power meter toolbox, heavy as a platform shoe, and boring as a pile of ornaments.Because at the beginning there was no alternative.

Fortunately, there are a group of people who understand the love of cigar lovers and the helplessness of cigar lovers.After 300 days, we created the ultra-thin aluminum portable cigar humizer 3CM for the first time, and added the portable cigar humizer into the flight mode for the first time.


I don't know if there are similar people in the world, if not, 3CM people are the first.If so, that person is also a 3CM type, a love of life type.

Let's prove that we've been here and loved with a bang, in the name of 3CM.


3CM salutes its creator


The 3CM product team is composed of the initiator and idea advocate "JoyMaster life player", the designer "zeigai", and the production and process innovation practitioner "love coke".

3CM people believe that the best creator is the user.The biggest motivation is the pain point in use.The most resolute thing is to achieve.Best of all, you can't put it down when you hold it in your hand.


As mentioned at the beginning, most of the cigar boxes on the market are either rough like a tool box for repairing electricity meters, or thick like platform shoes, or they are piled with meaningless decorations such as crocodile skin, pearl, agate and amber.Zipped cigar boxes are also common, with the most immediate consequence being unsealed.

The reason is that many cigar box manufacturers, not users, do not understand the key factors of cigars, but in the production of cigar boxes.

In contrast, one of the first things the 3CM product team insisted on from the start was that the cigar case had to be thin enough.Let cigar users completely release from the experience of using other hands, rather than being kidnapped by simple functions.


Therefore, with the collision of pain points, the application of scenes and the expectation of the future, the cigar box, which can highlight the connotation of cigar customers and express the beauty between the inches, gradually becomes clear.

For the past 300 days, the 3CM product team has been working on a better cigar case.

It's their way of paying tribute to their creator, to everyone who has changed the pain points of life.


3CM is the world's first flight mode cigar box/flight mode cigar box


Because of its minimalist beauty, calm color, and elegant thinness, every user loves the first version of 3CM.

The 6063 model is made of high-quality al-mg alloy material, and the volume and wall thickness strength are weighed comprehensively to create the smooth and ultra-thin thickness that can be achieved.


Integrated engraving and forming hinge, one-time forming hinge, more elegant aesthetic feeling.


15 kinds of material application test, 37 color and wear test, 75 design modification...In the design, I extremely restrained my desire to express, gave the possibility to the product itself, and left more white space for life.


Non-rigid boxy, soft arched surface, excessive arc reflects the elegant temperament of cigar lovers.The parabola of visual drop point brings dynamic visual experience along with the change of ambient light, thus transmitting a variety of visual emotions.


Lava ash has a neutral tone and no definite emotional orientation.Extremely narrow orange-red sealing strip, forming a sharp contrast between inside and outside, tickle the mood of cigar customers while not affecting the introverted but without losing publicity, the overall texture expression.


60 mesh sand blasting process surface treatment.Sandblasting number of the handle is crucial, less, will leave fingerprints, more, feel rough.Repeated experiments many times, finally selected the best particle size.Hold in the hand, just two words: comfortable.


Food grade silicone sealing strip, IP65 national sealing standard.Upward wedge structure, corner joint for better force R type chamfer.

The sealing groove of the previous page can make the two pages of the box bear the minimum pressure and form the absolute sealing of the box body.

Correspondingly, it is extremely excellent waterproof performance.


The rear axle of the box body and the stable axle of the box body buckle are specially thickened to present a more sedate visual effect.


3CM is the world's first flight mode cigar box/flight mode cigar box


Because 3CM has a strong sealing property of IP65, after carrying it on the plane, the box will be compressed by the atmosphere on the ground, which may lead to a vacuum condition that cannot be opened.


The 3CM research and development team tried seven solutions before and after, and finally got the optimal operation strength and speed after several tests.Finally, it is determined to load the air pressure balance valve with the sun pattern to solve the problem perfectly.


3CM people also created the second world first: the world's first cigar box with its own flight mode!

Before carrying 3CM on the plane for daily use, the air pressure balance valve should be kept in a tight state without any other actions.


When getting off the plane, if you find that the box is tightly closed and cannot be opened, you only need these two simple steps:

One, with the thumb against the pressure balance valve, counterclockwise force rotation, the sun grain decoration loosen, hear the sound of air, stop rotating, and constantly shaking the balance valve, so that the pressure balance, later can open 3CM;

Two, the balance valve after the balance function, clockwise pressure balance valve can be tightened and reset.

The original heart of the 3CM portable cigar box is the love of life.There is a powerful, unquenchable force that comes out of your beating heart and guides you to do what you think is important and do it with all your might.Love and responsibility often coexist, once people are driven by the sense of responsibility, can create a miracle.


Polishing again and again, everything is carefully changed, just to let 3CM closer to the good cigar box, and then closer, let 3CM itself, is a miracle.


There's always three centimeters on the cigar path.Love on the road, there is always 3CM.

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